10 Most Popular Wall Art Styles 2021

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Do you want to intensify your room’s beauty with wall art? Do you not know the first step to have beautiful wall art? It’s nothing to worry about; many people may face this issue. You can get an idea from our list of the most popular wall art styles in 2021. I am sure you’ll get the best idea to decorate your home with fantastic wall art.

We’re mentioning these designs in our list because these are designs that had inspired our regular customers a lot. However, do remember these designs would be nothing without your creativity. Just popular wall art styles are not essential to use; you can browse and look for any idea that inspires you.

So, let’s explore the most popular wall art styles of 2021 without delay.


Modern art comes at the 10th number. Different movements and styles blend to form this popular wall art style. Modern art always aims at creating something interesting by experimenting with a range of artistic perspectives. You would find a blend of bold geometric lines and colours in modern art. Consequently, you would topple the expectations of viewers.

This canvas art goes perfectly with a modern-style room. However, if the art’s colour scheme is not matching with your room, it’s better not to use that art. On the other hand, if the modern canvas art has an abstract look, it can also go along the classic-style room. Just browse our modern art and filter the available designs with the colour filter bar on the right-hand side. You would see many wall art designs in the neutral look perfect for the earthy or classic interior style.  


The natural wall art of flowers and plants comes at number 9 and is loved by our customers. It’s a highly versatile and natural world’s gateway perfect for space type, including kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

You can’t go wrong with this iconic wall art style, whether you’re going to hang a bold tropical print or wall art with bright and colourful flowers.


At the 8th number of popular wall art types, it’s retro art. It’s just an explosion of unique graphical elements and bold colours. Retro wall art is the best way to make a statement.

The best retro wall art always comes in bold and big form. Imagine the old advertisements, retro movie posters, old advertisements or signs, or colourful psychedelic designs. You can use the retro art in your entertaining areas, living room and entranceways to give a new life to these spaces.  


What better to adorn your home than with contemporary art? And there is no doubt in it why we place contemporary art at number 7 on our list. Contemporary art combines different art genera with the addition of a modern spin or current hot topic.

On the other hand, you always wish for a neutral and traditional style while choosing contemporary art for your home. We love vivid and bold contemporary art ideas with expressive illustration, and neon colour pops. Faint-hearted people should not use this wall-art type.


Urban lifestyles and architecture inspired the artists to create urban art. It comes at position six on our list. Recently, urban art is developing and making itself the most famous art type. It’s the general term that can be used for all contemporary art types, including cityscapes, street photography and graffiti and street art.

Again we have the same tip for you, find the urban art themes that define your personality. Moreover, select the art pieces that are compatible with your home décor or juxtapose them. For example, you can choose a graffiti art piece to juxtapose with the modern monochromatic colour scheme.

Urban art pieces look perfect with modern style homes.


Beach canvas prints come at the centre of our popular wall art styles list that indicates its importance. You can find beach canvas prints in different shapes and sizes. They also come with different ideas such as family portrait at the beach, drone shot of crystal clear water and beachgoers, or dark blue seascapes to seagrass.  

Do you also believe the myth that beach canvas prints look beautiful in the home along the sea? Well, you’re mistaken. You can hang the canvas prints in any home style and can enjoy their beauty. These prints are best to hang in the Hamptons-style home, modern home, classy or country style home.

To get an elegant look, select a beautiful beach photo, create a canvas print and frame it in our floating frames. The beautiful white floating frame will be a perfect choice. However, split canvas print would be best if you want the beach scenes to be more impactful.


Do you want to have a wild look in your space? You can choose our nature and wilderness prints. These types of prints come at position 5 in our wall art types list.

The year 2021, when you can’t travel, is perfect to have such beautiful prints on your wall. You will feel like you’re at the new location whenever you see these beautiful natural world prints.

To have a perfect look, just think about the landscapes you would love to visit, such as rolling hills, tranquil rainforests or a peaceful lake. It can also be a swimming lake, sharks or wild African animals. Take inspiration from such dreamy ideas and convert them into a mesmerizing wall art piece.

You can use metal prints or stunning canvas to enhance the elegance of your nature and wildlife art. Finally, your wildlife art is ready to hang in your room or even in the bathroom.


Abstract art is far less subjective than other art types and indeed a popular art type. It’s so versatile that everyone loves it whether he is young, old or has a unique taste. Besides, abstract art types come in various forms, such as subtle or soft, high-impact and dramatic. So, you can find any art style you are looking for in abstract art.

Abstract art challenges us to change the meaning of art pieces and create our own interpretation of the artwork. Typically, it doesn’t depend on the literary meaning of the art.

If you have a house with modern interior design, this art is for you. Further, it would be better to math some colours of the art with your room elements if you want to intensify the art impact. Surprisingly, you can use it in any room type.


Aboriginal art occupies the 3rd position in the most popular wall art. The aborigine’s culture is significantly dependant on aboriginal art. This art is multipurpose. Aboriginals use it for storytelling, for preserving their culture and history. They use it for learning purposes because Aboriginals never keep written records. Isn’t it amazing?

Besides culture art, it can be the best addition to your wall art, decorating your home. A collection of earthy colours with vivid designs is used for creating this art. Every single piece of Aboriginal art comes with deep meaning, representing the culture of Aboriginal people.

You can hang this art type anywhere you want. But we would suggest you hang it at a place where you can admire it. It can be the most commonplace of the home, such as a bedroom, living room or entranceway.


Finally, we reached the number one art type, the landscapes. It’s nothing surprising about it. Several natural scenes look stunning while hanging in the home as wall art. They act as a gateway to the beautiful world outside. It takes you to a location far and wide where you can’t travel.  

Decorate your home with this fantastic wall art type featuring cascading waterfalls, stark deserts and lush rainforests. The best idea is to hang them in the form of large canvas prints in your living room. Otherwise, bathroom, bedroom, guest room or any other room can also be your preference.

Nothing can match the feasibility of the metal wall art print and acrylic print with landscapes. These print types will brighten the colours of the artwork by giving a shine to rainforests and waterfalls.

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