6 Best Split Canvas Wall Art Ideas

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Split canvas prints are an excellent way to make a statement in your home with a single eye-catching piece of wall art. You can create eye-catching split canvas wall art pieces in different ways.

Unfortunately, this type of artwork can get in the wrong way, especially if you’re creating a split canvas wall art featuring people. Just imagine, you’ve cut the head of your loved ones by mistake. I know you’ll feel really bad.

So, if you want to create perfect split canvas wall art, keep reading this article. You will find the best and high-impact ideas to transform your home with incredible split canvas wall art.

With split canvas wall art, you can use one of your favourite photographs to convert it into a gallery-style larger art piece.  Split canvases make your images unique by optimizing their size and making them prominent in your living space.


Spectacular landscape images, often taken at a large scale, are ideal for creating a large split canvas wall art piece. Thus, you can examine your canvas closely like any other best artwork in the exhibition. Consequently, you will find each canvas in your split canvas wall art unique and distinctive.

You can use any panorama shot or scenic landscape. However, some of the best ideas are:

  • Mountain landscapes
  • Forest landscapes
  • Images featuring beach or seascapes
  • Island destinations
  • Detailed images featuring idyllic towns or cityscapes


A split canvas wall art featuring can be a surprising gift for your loved ones. Even you give this fantastic gift to yourself. Moreover, if these canvas prints are hanging in your kid’s room or living room, it’ll leave a significant impact. You must remember some rules whenever featuring people in the split canvas prints.

Never split the canvas at the people’s faces. Do you find it challenging to do? Well, we’ve some amazing but simple templates for helping you create your print.  Using these templates, you can easily split from where you should. Besides faces, try not to split the people legs and arms. For instance, you should not cut the elbows, ankles and wrists, making them half. It will give the impression that the person has lost his body part.

Never hang the two canvas pieces too apart from each other if you’re featuring a person’s body in it. It’ll not give an overall cohesive look.


Your wedding photos in split canvas print can create incredible wall art that you’ll admire forever. While making the split canvas, always choose the wedding photo featuring you as a happily married couple. However, you can always try your creativity.

It would be amazing to have the wedding couple at the centre of the split canvas. Afterwards, expand the photo outside with two canvases, presenting a beautiful setting. Do you like this idea? Try it must; you would love it.


With so many ideas and so many ways, street photography is perfect for creating split canvas wall art. However, choose the street photo for split canvas wall art carefully. Actually, an image with too many details may lose its impact on split canvases.

The images that would look beautiful in the split canvas are:

  • Blurred figures or vehicles; it’s the best idea as you can create a perfect wall art without cutting unique aspects
  • Cityscapes
  • Lights moving at night
  • Figures’ Shots on the streets
  • Interesting shadows or architecture



Close up shots of nature, such as animals, plants, and flowers, can make your split canvas wall art more interesting. However, you should know natural shots are much different from landscapes.

The same rule implies for the animal as you used for people. Never cut any animal’s head in half.

Some great ideas of nature’s photos for creating a split canvas print are:

  • Colourful butterflies
  • The moon at night
  • The sky at night
  • Flowers
  • Animals (wild to domestic animals)
  • Domestic animals
  • Waterfalls


Sport photographs in split canvas print can motivate you and reminds you of your favourite teammates. You can also take a group photo of your sports teammates to create a remarkable split canvas print. It can be a perfect gift idea for your favourite teammate.

Now let’s discuss the configuration of the image. Well, it mostly depends on the image you want to feature.  Read these tips to know which design is best for which type of image.

  • For a symmetrical image, a square shape canvas is perfect
  • For landscape, you can use diverse configuration options
  • For people, try to use a simple design or one with fewer canvases

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