9 Best Canvas Sizes For Walls You Should Never Miss

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It’s time to decorate your home. Do you have any idea of how you should start embellishing your interior? How about a big family picture? Or hanging your memories in the main hall?

No matter if you decide to ornament the gallery wall with photo frames or choose canvas prints for your upcoming DIY project, the canvas size is extremely important.

Before you invest in canvas prints, you have to decide on the right size that fits your wall. Different areas of your home have different partitions, so there is a lot to think about before purchasing a canvas.

In this article, we have listed the nine most popular and widely used canvas sizes that can be a time saver in decorating your home—wondering how you can select the correct size that matched the wall size? Read till the end for a better understanding of how to create a custom canvas size for your DIY project. Let’s begin!

1. 10″ x 8″ Canvas Prints

If you are looking for a canvas size that fits your small study table, bookcase accessory, or fills in the gallery walls, 10 “x8” is a perfect canvas size for you. Due to its adaptability, this is a popular canvas size among artists. Get your best photograph printed on it, and trim it for a better view or simply mount a family picture.

We all have seen a standard size paper. A 10 “x8” canvas print is exactly that size; therefore, it is ideal for portrait and landscape adjustments. You can mount kids’ photos, family trip photos, or your graduation pictures. The versatile size makes it a perfect present for any occasion.

Best for: small hallways, bookcases, desks

2. 10″ x 14″ Canvas Prints

If you have a twisted or disordered craft item or print, go for the 10 “x14” canvas and take your artwork to another level. This particular canvas size is preferred for holding a collection of pictures, which means you won’t have any issues stacking 4-5 of your favorite 5 “x7” images into this canvas.

This canvas size gives you a better view of the prints, and it is marginally bigger than regular-sized paper. If you want to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, or any other room of the house, 10 “x14” canvases are a perfect option.

Best for: visitor rooms, small photomontages, kitchen

3. 12″ x 12″ Canvas Prints

If you have limited space on the wall and want to install a big picture, 12 “x12” canvases will do the job. To make the canvas more attractive, pick your high-quality pictures and make a photo collage or mount only one bigger photo and create an impact. It is an incredible addition to the wall.

A 12 “x12” canvas is popular among creative minds, specifically if you want to showcase your social media pictures. You can turn your photographs into detailed wall arts. The square canvases are medium-sized, but they make ideal centerpieces for the walls of your house. Amazingly present your memories with this canvas size.

Best for: gallery walls, bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms

4. 24″ x 10″ Canvas Prints

A 24 “x10” canvas size might seem to be an awkward size, but it creates so many opportunities for the users in reality. It is generally used in places like bedroom headboard, above the kitchen burner, or mantle. It gives a unique look to your interior.

If you have a big-sized family photograph or a picturesque cityscape, a 24 “x10” canvas print will exhibit every inch in detail. You can also utilize this canvas if there is a chance of image quality being dropped or you have a collection of wide-set pictures. The panoramic display ensures that the final output is right dimensions, and the onlookers will never miss a single inch of it.

Best for: long corridors, kitchen stovetop, fireplace mantels

5. 16″ x 16″ Canvas Prints

Do you want to decorate your bedroom dresser? Or startle the visitors when they approach your gallery wall? Get a 16 “x16” canvas print. All you need to do is gathering the fun quotes and some unique photographs from your past and fit them in this medium-to-large square.

If you have enough space on the wall, this print will uplift the overlook of your home. You can either display it alone or collaborate it with small, unique, and elegant-looking photos to give your wall a classic appearance.

Best for: visitor rooms, lounges, dining rooms

6. 20″ x 16″ Canvas Prints

A little bigger than the 16 “x16” canvases, the 20 “x16” prints are excellent for illustrating widespread sceneries, tall structures, and wedding photos. It looks terrific, hung above the doorway or even behind the desk. If you want to enhance the beauty of your office, hang this canvas print inside your workspace. Moreover, a medium-sized room with an empty wall can easily accommodate this 20 “x16” canvas print. Guess what? It does a complete make-over of your wall!

Best for: Gaming room, workspaces, TV lounge, living rooms

7. 36″ x 12″ Canvas Prints

If you have specified an amusement space or have long corridors or entrances in your house, get a 36 “x12” canvas print and adorn the walls. This particular size is similar to the 24 “x10” dimensions.

Have no idea what to fit in? Get some awesome travel photographs printed on this splendid canvas, or pick your favorite motivational quotes. This canvas print is not a small size, so we suggest using high-quality images and the one you like the most. Not only does this 36″ x 12″ canvas add value to your walls, but its wide appearance also transforms a sort of gallery within your house.

Best for: entrances, bedrooms, living rooms

8. 20″ x 30″ Canvas Prints

A 20″ x 30″ has a significant impact on the guests. It comes with a lot of hanging options. You can impress people using this tall artistic piece as a hanging canvas about the sofa or standalone picture against any wall.

If you want to make it stand out among all the decorations, consider framing your canvas print. It is a perfect match for the hallways or bedrooms, and you can print your family photos or children’s portraits in this wonderful canvas print.

Best for: living room, study room, bedroom

9. 24″ x 36″ Canvas Prints        

Want to add a “wow” factor to your home? Amaze your guests with a spectacular 24×36 canvas by installing it on a large wall. However, it looks excellent when there is no other canvas print in the room.

Although you can add more photos due to its large size, it will be highlighted when it is the only canvas. For a professional gallery appearance, we recommend picking artistic photographs. It will impress your visitors at first glance. They will think that you have invested a considerable amount in this fantastic display. In reality, this canvas size is inexpensive and can be customized if you buy from us.

Best for: workplaces, living rooms, bedrooms

Tracking down Your Ideal Canvas Size

If you intend to buy some wall art or be innovative and design something unique for displaying on your walls, the appropriate dimensions of the canvas prints must be selected. There is a plethora of sizing available, but we have mentioned some famous canvas prints for you.

Each canvas has a specific aspect ratio, which is explained by examining the adjacent dimensions. For instance, if the aspect ratio is 1:1, that means the canvas is a square, a 1:2 aspect ratio shows that one side is two times the other side. 

If you find hard it hard to figure out the aspect ratios, here are the most commonly used aspect ratios:

Aspect ratio not only helps sort out the dimensions of the canvas prints according to the wall’s size, but it also sets a layout for your craftmanship. The canvas size can make your artwork look too big or too small.

Steps To Measure The Best Canvas For Your Wall

Here is a quick guide to calculating the dimensions of the canvas prints that fit your wall.

#1- Calculate the present size of your artwork.

#2- Calculate the ratio inside the size of the artwork.

#3- Draw the dimensions on the photo using paper or cardboard strips.

#4- Position the image inside the marked dimensions/boundaries and see which is the best view.

Let’s take an example of a 5 “x7” image. For a canvas having a 1:1 aspect ratio, you will have to overlay a 5 “x5” outline cut out of cardboard. The focal point of the image can be observed by rotating it. Using the same aspect ratio, you can increase or decrease the size. For example, taking that same 5 “x5” image, it’ll have the same focal point at 10 “x10” or 20 “x20”.

Why Canvas?

If you have bought a standard photo frame, get a fabulous finishing touch from the canvas print experts. Linen or cotton can transform a regular picture into an outclass artwork.

Moreover, canvas prints are lightweight as compared to wooden pieces. This feature makes it easily portable during the home shifting process. These are elegant, eye-catching, and can change the appearance of your house.

Whether you are creating an elaborate painting or decorating the walls with beautiful wall arts, sizing plays a vital role. We hope our guide to the nine best canvas sizes for walls will help you in your next DIY project.

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