9 Best Living Room Wall Art Ideas & Design

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The living room is the place that your guest visits the most in your house. So, a guest can guess your personality from your living room art. Here we come with unique living room wall art ideas that can inspire you to create your living room wall personality. Thus, you would be able to express your personality with a touch of your creativity.

It’s up to you either you choose a single large wall art or small art pieces to create gallery-style wall art. However, make sure the result is impactful. If you are fond of statement-making, you can never ignore super-sized wall art.

Since the living room is the most prominent in your home, it should be versatile. The wall art in the living room should be according to all the house residents’ personalities, not only you. It should reflect your family’s love for each other. So, avoid displaying your personal images with your spouse. However, if these images are shot interestingly, they can work.

Here’re some inspiring living room wall art ideas that will overwhelm your guest.


Black and white wall art photography is a classic and versatile art type that can be adjusted in any space. It has some amazing effects, such as guests will never see colour destruction. Instead, his focus will be on the subject, the contrast, the pattern, the texture and the composition. It can leave the guest to admire the photographer’s skills rather than focusing on colour combination. It draws attention to the emotions represented in the photos.

Following are some remarkable black and white photography ideas:

  • Street art photography
  • Portraits of your children
  • Portraits of your family
  • Close up photographs of nature
  • Pet photographs
  • Vintage photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Historical photographs
  • Architectural photography


You can have a glamorous, shimmery look with shining silver wall art. It can even make your living room look bigger and captivating to the eyes.

However, ensure that it’s not too bright to give a striking look to your living room. Be moderate and use silver art to the extent that’s glamorous.

Following are some fantastic shining silver living room wall art ideas:

  • Silver touch on abstract paintings
  • Silvery paints in seascapes
  • Metallic geometric designs


The “fresh black” in home décor and design is natural, earthy colours. With Earthy living room wall art, you’ve plenty of options for decorating in neutral colours while still adding personality and flair to the house’s most visible room.

You can easily find the earthy wall art. Just have a deep look at the minimalistic styles and natural scenes.

Have a look at these natural living room art ideas:

  • Painting with an earthy colour scheme such as peach, khaki, golden, terracotta or ivory and nude tones
  • Watercolour paintings
  • Landscapes of bushland, forests or dunes
  • Minimalistic line drawings
  • Paintings of seagrass, seashells and other natural elements in the wall art
  • Natural world photos such as beach scenes and tropical plants


Love to have a versatile look in your living room? Well, you can combine differently shaped wall art pieces. This trick will create a versatile look and give a deep meaning to your wall art design. But, it’s not easy to find the shaped wall art. Well, it’s nothing to worry about; we have a massive collection of shaped wall art designs in different sizes and shapes. Here we’ve enlisted our favourite designs:

  • Round-shaped wall art: This shape will be perfect if you’re going to display family photos, pet photos, or portraits.
  • Heart-shaped wall art: You can use this shape for portraying wedding photos, family photos, couple photos or your photo with your special friend.
  • Oval-shaped wall art: it’s a perfect choice for a couple of photos and portraits.


Split canvas designs are for those who don’t want to compromise on living room wall art. It involves the idea to split a single image across different canvases. As a result, you’ll get a more impactful and more prominent display.

Split canvas wall art can be the best idea for displaying wedding photos, family photos and panoramas.

Just have a look at some exciting Split canvas wall art ideas:

  • Family photos: It’s very easy to convert your family photo into a piece of art with a split canvas design. However, you should be careful while creating the one. Make sure you’re not splitting at the crucial photo part. For instance, there are chances that you may cut someone’s head into pieces.
  • Landscapes: You can choose either your favourite landscape photo from your trip or the pool of photos available on the Internet.
  • Nature shots: A split canvas wall art can be even more stunning if a mesmerizing photo of nature is used to create it. You can choose any image such as a flower, a plant or cute animals.
  • Wedding photos: Last but not least, you can also choose the photos from your special day, the wedding day. To make the photos from that day more special, a split canvas art design is the best option. Choose your favourite photos from the wedding album, such as photos of flowers, couple’s rings, wedding location, groom or bride.
  • Modern art: you can enhance the look of a contemporary art piece by splitting it into three or more canvases.


Do you have a classic interior design? Well, the Vintage art will be perfect for your living room. You can use it differently, here’re some of the unique ideas:

  • A graphic retro art print
  • A bright pop art print
  • An old-school movie advertisement or poster in bright colours
  • A retro corrugated iron print


Want to have a glamorous but unique look? Well, have you tried a contrast of white framed pictures with dark coloured walls? If not, it’s time to give it a try.

Decorating dark walls has always been challenging. But white-framed art can make it easy. You can use a white floating frame to give a deep look to your living room wall. So, you can’t ignore the floating frames among other living room wall art ideas.

White floating frames give a minimalistic look to your art, making it prominent against dark walls. Check out these remarkable white framed art ideas:

  • Beach scenes or seascapes
  • Black and white photographs
  • Abstract art prints
  • Travel photography


Colours can make your art look prominent and leaves a good impression. So, you’re looking for wall art that best suits your room’s colour scheme? Well, I would suggest you choose different colours and incorporate them decently.

Here’re some beautiful colourful wall art ideas that will suit your room’s colour palette well:

  • Bold nature scenes are magical to hang in your room. You can brighten up your room with tropical flowers or flowers.
  • You can also add a splash of bold colour with modern art on your wall. Wide ranges of ideas are available. It’s up to your creative skills whether you choose bold graphic print or geometric styles.


With Landscapes, you have millions of topical ideas to decorate your room. Some beautiful and magical ideas are bright blue skies, hills, jaw-dropping mountains and tropical islands.

Do you want to beautify the landscapes more? Try metal wall art with them. It’ll give shimmering quality and vivid colours to landscape art. The best thing about metal art is that you don’t have to put much effort into cleaning it. Besides, it’s light and durable, making it easy to carry.

Some of our favourite landscapes for living room wall art ideas are:

  • A scenic mountain range
  • Your favourite holiday destination, such as a countryside spot, holiday beach or a tropical island
  • A seascape featuring your favourite beach can work best for the Hamptons style living room

We hope you would love these living room wall art ideas as these are exceptional. According to your living room style, the right idea can transform your living room that your guests would love. Your home will look intriguing with brighter wall art. Start searching from a diverse range of ideas from our photography collection to turn it into a beautiful wall art piece.

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