An Ultimate Guide For Getting the Best Canvas Print

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Are you planning to frame your best memories in a printed form? Grab your favorite canvas prints from us. But how do you decide on the right canvas print?

Selecting a perfect size and design for your pictures is not child play. One has to invest a lot of energy and time in finding an appropriate option. To solve this problem, we present several canvas prints to art lovers.

Why shop from us? We bring you an amazing collection of wrapped canvas prints, both framed and frameless designs. From classic to modern, and with so many colors to pick from, we ensure that your canvas fits your house’s interior decorations.

Ready to create a customized canvas print for your living room? Where to start? This article includes useful tips you should consider before getting a canvas print. How to buy the best quality prints? Let’s begin!

7 Tips For Getting The Best Canvas Print

Want to convert your house into a ‘home’? Well, a home gives you feelings of joy, comfort, and inner peace. But how to decorate the interior according to your taste? Framing your favorite moments and hanging your family’s pictures is a great way to uplift your satisfaction level.

Running out of ideas? We have compiled a list of tips and tools to help you get the best canvas print for your walls.

1. Choose A High Res Photo

Selecting a high-resolution photo is the most important step for getting a great canvas print. You just can’t skip it. If you want a top-quality canvas in your home, you must opt for a higher resolution image. As the resolution increases, the quality of the canvas improves. If you want your canvas to be the center of attraction, then the image must not lose its quality when expanded.

When it comes to resolution, DPI or dots per square inch play a significant role. A high-quality image has a greater DPI value. So ensure that your image has a minimum of 300 DPI.

If you have a low-resolution image, it will only look great on digital devices like laptops, computers, and smartphones. These devices are programmed to show a focused and clear view of low-quality photos. But when the same photo is displayed on a larger frame, it turns into a blurry image, not something you want!

2. Measure Out Your Space

Before you get a large-sized canvas to your home, don’t forget to measure the wall’s size. Any rough estimate will be of great help for a perfect installation of your brand new canvas print.

To avoid any confusion, measure the dimensions of the wall or space where you want to hang the canvas prints. This will give you an idea of the frame’s size. We have a wide range of designs and frame sizes that can meet your custom requirements for workspace, bedrooms, living rooms, or galleries. The best thing is that our clients have the freedom to pick the frame they want; a big frame or several smaller frames, the choice is yours!

3. Browse Styles

Looking for the easiest way to display your favorite picture in the house? Want to distinguish your customized frame from the rest of the decorations? Look no further! We bring you different styles of canvas prints that can do wonders to your home interior. You can pick the desired canvas print that fits your area.

We allow you to browse through all the options available. You may like a large frame, a series of canvases, split frames, or any other design that matches your home decor and the area where you want them.

The type of canvas varies with the area of the house. For instance, a kitchen, bedroom, or living room can accommodate single canvas prints, whereas a big gallery or entrance hall may demand a split canvas to impress the visitors at first glance. A few small-sized photo grids work best for the living rooms where people have time to see the pictures standing close to the wall. We call this series small square prints.

Let it be any portion of the house; our extraordinary range of canvas prints is available in all styles of homes.

4. Pick Out The Right Shape

Selecting an appropriate shape is equally important as choosing the canvas print style. Any idea of the best shape for your wedding photo? Where do you intend to put it?

If you have a square canvas print, portrait or landscape, spend some time to find the best style that fits the area and brings it to light. For example, there is no need to trim a breathtaking mountain view just because you have chosen a square canvas print.

5. Decide How Fast You Need It

After you have confirmed the size, shape, design of your print, it’s time to place the order. Guess what? Buying from us ensures a secure delivery within 5 to 10 days of ordering. What’s more? We can deliver your parcels to the P.O. boxes. Free shipping for those who order items above $100.

You decide, we deliver. Get your favorite moments encapsulated in elegant prints in a few days at your doorstep. No hassle while ordering or receiving the deliveries from us.

6. Browse Through Printing Companies

Everyone wants the best services or products at an affordable price. To make sure you are not spending too much on your canvas prints, we recommend doing some research over the internet. Investigate other companies, check their customer reviews, compare prices and see what size and styles they are offering.

Once you are done, we assure you will end up choosing our company due to our reasonable price structure and high-quality materials used in our prints.

7. Order With The Best

We aim to provide the best canvas prints to our clients at a reasonable price. We know that buying something from the internet can be a little doubtful; however, our top materials, styles, shapes, and customizable options will uniquely adorn your home.

We know the importance of impacting the guests, and our trustworthy online photo printing services are enough to win your hearts. Finding it hard to believe? Check out our customer feedback, and see how satisfied they are!


We never compromise on the quality, so you can trust us to convert all your favorite memories into eye-catching canvas prints. We have all our clients’ options, from remarkable acrylic prints to beautiful canvas photos and even metal wall art. You don’t need to go to the physical stores and waste your precious time buying fancy wall arts. Think wise, invest smartly!

For more information, buying guides, and tips for buying canvas prints, check out our other blog posts. We ensure that our product goes far beyond your expectations.

The whole process is pretty simple. Select your image and upload it via social media or computer gallery. You can also pick high-quality pictures from our collection of free photos. We know you desire to maintain the image’s quality when transformed into a canvas, and we take care of it. Our mission is to deliver the best quality in a minimum time. So try our cool new templates and get your favorite prints at your doorstep.

Drop your comments below or contact our highly trained customer support to get your answers.

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