Best Ways to Decorate Boring Walls with Large Custom Canvas Prints

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No matter what’s the size of your room; a large custom canvas can make your room look attractive. A large statement piece can transform your space’s overall look and convince every eye to have a focus on it. The large art piece has more ability to attract people’s attention due to its apparent size.

However, large custom canvas prints are essential for exceptional styling. You would definitely find it entirely different from the flat piece that seems uninspiring. Moreover, if your room has no existing artwork, hanging large canvas prints can enhance the beauty of your room.

Read on to get the best ideas about large canvas prints.

Choose the right image

Large custom canvas prints can look stunning if they have the perfect photo. Make sure the picture you’re using for large canvas prints is of premium quality. Moreover, your images should not get blurred while “zooming in” for creating large canvas prints.

Typically, the colour scheme and the style of your photo should complement your room’s décor. It should not look odd. You can also juxtapose to have incredible effects.

For example, some of the remark arable effects are:

Japanese art:  Go for Japanese art if you’ve got a neutral room. Moreover, this art looks perfect with the white, purple, red and black colour schemes.

Landscapes:  You can use landscapes for any room style. However, don’t forget to match the colour of your home décor with your image colours.

Beach scenes: if you’ve used a nautical theme in your room or have a coastal home, beach scenes can enhance the theme’s beauty.

Abstract art pieces: These types of art pieces can look classy in any room. Again matching the pictures’ colour with the colour scheme of artwork is mandatory.   

Tip: Always hang your large Canvas prints beside or behind the neutral furniture. It will make your artwork shine like a gem.

Pick the prints that suit your room

Make sure the large custom canvas prints you’re choosing best suit your room’s décor. Although it depends on your room style and your personal choices, some prints are suitable for specific rooms.

  • For a sleek and contemporary look, use modern, minimal prints
  • For the bathroom, coastal prints are best
  • Food-themed prints will look beautiful in the Kitchen
  • Hang large canvas collage prints of you and your partner in the bedroom.
  • Use colourful prints in your kid’s rooms

Hang the print above the sofa:

Are you exploring for a perfect place for hanging your large canvas prints? Well, unused space above your lounge is the ideal place. It would be even better if you’ve neutral sofas with light shades such as ivory, charcoal or light grey. Actually, light shades sofas can induce a brightening look in your large canvas prints and make them prominent.

On Instagram, Sue from says;

“My favourite spot for a large canvas is behind the couch as a focal point or in the dining space as a conversation piece. I like to pick out the main colour from the print and add a coordinating vase, cushions or even a throw.”

Use metal prints to furnish bathroom:

Have you ever thought to hang custom canvas prints in your bathroom? If not, just do it without thinking if your bathroom is ample. You should feel relaxed and pampered in your bathroom. It would only be possible if your bathroom atmosphere is zen-like. Definitely, beautiful wall art is the best way to create such an atmosphere.

Some excellent ideas to decorate your bathroom with wall art are:

  • Seascapes; choppy waves
  • Tranquil forests or some other pleasant natural scenes
  • Animal scenes
  • Abstract paintings in light shades
  • A peaceful modern print

Tip: Hang your large canvas prints opposite to mirror. In this way, you can have a look at these soothing prints while looking into the mirror. Thus, you can get maximum soothing effects from these mind-relaxing prints.

Matching your colour palette

Large and bold custom canvas prints can give a glamorous and classy look to your spaces. You want to match your large canvas prints with the other wall arts. At the same, you don’t wish your canvas prints to get matched with the walls’ colour scheme.  

Tahlia of @housetoahome has an excellent suggestion for you. According to her, keep the frame and space around the artwork as elegant and straightforward as you can. In this way, you could make people eyes stick on your gorgeous wall art.

“When choosing artwork, I feel it’s important to tie your artwork in with the colour scheme or theme you’ve used throughout the room in which you decided to place your artwork. “


Use Floating frame for large custom canvas prints

A floating frame is a perfect option if you don’t want to go with a wrapped canvas look. Moreover, if you’re a fan of contrasting the wall and canvas, the floating frame is a perfect choice. A wide variety of neutral colours in floating frames can have a long-lasting effect.

Keep the following points in your mind while pondering to have a floating frame:

  • What’s the style of your home, and what’s your dream regarding your home décor? Well, if you want to add the spices of a traditional look into your large custom canvas prints, wooden floating frames are for you. These wooden floating frames also look classy for the Hamptons-style and beachy space. On the other hand, if you love an elegant but modern style look, edgy black frames will look better.
  • Does the colour scheme of your prints is matching with your wall? If yes, you should add a frame to create a contrast. It will make your large canvas prints prominent and give them life.
  • Are other framed prints are already present on your wall? Well, you need to frame your custom canvas prints to create a cohesive look.

But these are not some hard and fast rules. Never feel hesitant to try your creativity. Keep mixing different styles, different colour schemes to get the eclectic look. You can try mixing colourful artwork with dull or black and white prints to have a multifaceted look.

Design a gallery wall

Are you the one who doesn’t like the large custom canvas print much? Or do you want to create impactful wall art without large canvas prints? Well, you can create a gallery wall to display multiple but cohesive artworks.

Here are some ideas to create a gallery wall:

Select pictures with a common theme. For instance, if you want to have a nautical theme display, select all the family photos at a beach with seascapes.

You can also use images with a similar colour scheme. Such as a gallery wall with bluish pink, sand, yellow and tangerine suits best with white framed pictures and wrapped canvas prints.

Generally, hanging the bigger picture at the centre and smaller pictures on the outside have a huge impact. We will suggest you create your gallery wall on the floor best. It can give you the best ideas for styling. Otherwise, you would end up just with holes on the walls and nothing else.

So, are you ready to have large custom canvas prints? Let’s get the one today. Oh, does making the significant investment restricting you back? Well, just imagine an impactful, classy and prominent wall in your room; you would never hesitate to invest a little more than the small canvas prints. You can get elegantly designed large custom canvas prints at PrintRoy; Just click here and select the one according to your personal choice and home style.

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