Creative Ideas for Great Family Portrait Canvas Prints

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The family portraits are the indications of happy families. People use digital printing services to make their family portraits to make them part of their wall art.  You can get a powerful art piece on your room’s wall with a great family portrait. A family portrait can be posed or candid. Candid ones are often best because they capture the positive energy and attitudes of your family. Thus, you may start living unique, beautiful moments in any room you walk into.

The question is why the beautiful picture with smiling and energetic faces of your loved ones should be ordinary? Well, you should create a canvas print of your family portrait. It can mesmerize anyone entering your common room.

Best ways to create a family portrait canvas prints

You can follow the following tips to have an exceptional family portrait.

Family Portrait Photos on Canvas: Subtle Fun

You can make two types of family portraits. Firstly, you can make a decent family portrait with your kids and spouse while smiling. Or you can make the one with little fun.

Let’s have a look at these exceptional ideas to capture the fun moments of your family:

  • A typical family photo is always the same, arranged by height. Why should you not try something different? Try out some creative ideas in front of the computer. For instance, you can shrink your spouse and yourself and make your kids taller.
  • I know it seems a silly idea, but it’s an attractive one. I bet it will leave the people amazed.
  • Now, it’s time to play with costumes. Try some unique but thrilling outfits. I am not asking you to become Spiderman. Well, having the same dress codes, same accessories like glasses will make your portrait stand out. You can also try costumes according to the nature of your family members. For instance, if your son is interested in sports, a sports visor will be best for him.
  • Hang the portrait in the same room on the same couch your canvas prints are. People will not be able to take their eyes off the image.


Family Portrait Photos on Canvas: Consider design

First of all, think about in which room you’re going to hang your family portrait? Think about the interior design’s colour scheme. Now think how your family portrait will look like in that room? You can also design the picture according to the rooms’ colour scheme. Just make sure the props, background and outfit choices are blending well.

The same rule implies the composition of your picture. Just imagine the picture hanging on the room’s wall and think which element needs to get balanced. So, if the above tip to transit heights is unbalancing your room style, never use it. In that case, you can try out a pyramid arrangement. A pyramid arrangement is when mom and dad come in the centre with kids on their sides.

Never hesitate to apply some filters before sending your picture for printing. It doesn’t mean you have to put many filters; stay moderate to have a pleasant and impactful look. For example, cropping, increasing sharpness, contrast and brightness and white balance adjustment are enough to see apparent changes in your photos.

A powerful family portrait always conveys the message of love to the person who sees it. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Utilize all your creative skills to have a powerful statement at the end.

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