Floating Frames: What Are They and How To Style Yours?

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Have you ever heard about floating frames? Do you know what they are? Well, if you don’t know, it’s nothing to worry about. 

A floating frame mimics the gallery artwork to give an enchanting look to wall art on canvas. Gallery artworks also use floating frames to ensure that artwork is not touching the frame. Thus, it’s getting ready your artwork to stay intact for a longer time.

So, let’s find out, “what is a floating frame?”

Floating frame: Definition

I am sure you have guessed the functions of a floating frame after seeing its name. Yes, you’re right; these frames don’t come in contact with the picture. And it seems your picture is floating in the frame. A wooden frame is present mainly on the outside of the floating frame. It offers a slight gap between the canvas picture’s edge and the frame.

Everyone will admire the beauty of canvas prints in a floating frame. Actually, it defines the picture by creating a visual space in the canvas surroundings.

Floating frames should be preferable if you want to have canvas prints in a “gallery-style” display. A significant advantage of the floating frame is that most of them don’t hide the canvas prints behind the glass. Thus, you can display your canvas their original deep and textured look.

Moreover, it’ll never blur even a single dot on your picture. You can also say that you can see your picture to the edges. Is not it amazing?

Should you frame your canvas art?

No doubt, floating frames will make your canvas print look elegant. But how would you know which look is better for your canvas prints, look with frame or without a frame?

Well, your canvas prints will look fantastic in both situations. So, the final decision depends on your preferences. However, a floating frame should be your choice due to following reasons:

  • Just imagine you’ve five well-framed canvas prints on your room’s wall. Now you want to hang a new artwork without a frame. It will ruin the overall display look. Never do this. Hang the new artwork in a frame to complement the other four.
  • Now comes another example. Does your wall colour is the same as your canvas background? It’ll take away all the attractiveness of your prints and give you a “blend” look. Again, you can choose a floating frame with a colour different from the wall, creating a fantastic contrast.
  • Just imagine the colour or the style of your picture doesn’t best fit with your home décor. What would you do now? Well, a floating frame could help in such a situation. You can pick a frame that matches the colour and style scheme of your home. Consequently, you’ll get a more cohesive and styled canvas display.
  • A floating frame prevents the canvas’s edges from getting damaged. If your canvas print in your child’s room or the common room, it’s better to frame it with floating frames.
  • People who like more elegant artwork styles can use floating frames. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for those who don’t like the frameless look but love canvas prints.

How to style your floating frame?

Hanging the floating frames is quite challenging. But styling the floating frame is essential to match the canvas prints with interior décor.

While choosing the floating frame, make sure it can adjust to diverse surroundings. You can get three types of frames at the canvas factory, including white, black and wood grain. These frame styles ensure that you have a captivating picture within the floating frame that shines among various others.

Above all, you can imply all your creative ideas while styling the floating frame. It’s your creativity and personal preferences that can create a stunning wall display. However, we have highlighted some excellent ways to hang your artwork.

How to arrange your wall art on canvas?

There are multiple ways to style your pictures. However, you should have clear answers to some questions while styling your pictures.

For instance, how many pictures do you want to display? Do you want to frame them together in a group by style, colour or theme? For example, you want to display all your travel photos in your dining room in the form of a group and personal photos in your private room. You can style them accordingly. Besides, you can also consider colour and frame colour for styling. 

From endless styling ways, some are as follows:

  • Create a grid display. To do so, you can hang the same sized pictures in rectangular or square shapes. It is also known as a “symmetrical look” and one of the most structured displays.
  • Make a group of 2, 3 or 4 larger pictures and create a stunning wall display
  • Create a gallery-style cluster by hanging a large number of pictures together. This style is best if you love the romantic and trendy style.

How to create a gallery wall?

Before hanging artwork, have an imaginary structure of the gallery wall in your mind. And thing how it would look like? Otherwise, you will end up just with unnecessary holes in the walls. You can also follow the following step to get a perfect gallery wall display.

  • Create the whole display on the floor before creating it on the wall.
  • Afterwards, keep re-arranging, swapping and adding pictures until you get the desired look.
  • Use masking tape to create the same display on the wall as you had created on the floor. You can also use pieces of art paper cut into your pictures’ size to create a fake display on the wall.

Thus, you will get an idea how would your artwork look like in the gallery display.

Some Tips for Styling Canvas Prints:

No doubt, you can style the canvas prints in the way you want. However, here’re some tips that can help you make the canvas styling much simpler.  

  • Consider the colour scheme of each room to match the canvas wall art with them. In contrast, you can choose the colour from your picture to décor your home accordingly.
  • Always use an odd number of pictures for style. However, the grid-like wall display is exceptional. You can have any number of pictures.
  • Use different kinds of pictures for styling. For example, you can pick the flower photos, group photos and close up for styling your wedding pictures on your private room wall. This type of display makes people curious to find more in your display. However, make sure all the pictures have the same colour scheme.
  • It’s not necessary to have all the frames of the same colour. However, it would look odd if you’ve one different frame among many others.
  • Always hang the larger canvas print in the centre. After it, the choice is yours, either you want to move down or up outwards. However, make sure the smallest pieces should be moving outward from the largest one in the centre.

Whatever the way you use, floating frames are always an excellent way for styling your canvas art. It’ll make your canvas prints shine like a diamond. You can find diverse frame styles and sizes at PrintRoy to personalize your prints.

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