How to Decorate A Home Office Affordably -6 Unique Ways

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Are you the one who works from home? If yes, you might be having trouble getting into the office zone at your home. Well, this problem would be solved once you have a stylish and clutter-free home office. Therefore, we’ve compiled this quick guide for you on how to decorate a home office affordably.

It’s never been easy to create a luxurious and elegant home office on a budget. Moreover, you’ll get some tax benefits if you have an office in any one of the rooms in your home. Ideally, it should be the place where you can get distracted. Besides, the décor of the room should be inspiring to motivate you while working.

Find out how to decorate a home office

For some people, the home office is just a corner of their home. On the other hand, some may get a room as a home office. Whatever the situation is, you can decorate your home office in the way you want. The design of your home office will depend on the versatility you need. For instance, you may need a double desk.

In this article, you’ll learn how to decorate a home office using a beautiful colour scheme, clever designs. Moreover, we’ll learn how to use the available space effectively to design a classy home office. 

There are chances that your home office is in use of your different family members at different times. For instance, the mom can do sketching in your office at the weekend. Your kids can do their homework at night. And you, the dad, can use it for doing work from home. In such a scenario, your home office design should be versatile while incorporating enough storage space.

Keep on reading to learn how to design a home office that will encourage you to work.


Love to live in a world of imagination? You can transform all your imaginations into beautiful wall art. Whether you imagine an exotic animal or a far-off country, wild art could help you make your fantasies a realization. Some of such prints are:

  • A bold jungle print
  • Zebra print, leopard, giraffe or cheetah
  • Photos of the tropical island and the beach
  • Wildlife scenes
  • A vividly colourful tropical print

So, with these eye-catching and bright-coloured prints, you can make some bright visual changes in your home office. The presence of these attractive prints will surprise you. You can get different types of prints at PrintRoy, including:

 At PrintRoy, you’ll get premium quality and ready to hang prints. So, you don’t have to invest time in assembling the prints. Just decide the place for your print and add the hook!


Luckily, the digital world has made our home office designs simple. We don’t have to manage bulkier files as we can store them digitally. Most of the time, a computer or a laptop can meet all your office requirements if you’re not an artist or a photographer. So, a laptop and a few stationery items are the things you need in a home office.

That’s why you can get a clutter-free, simple and elegant office with a neutral colour palette. Besides, you can add a texture to make the design distinctive.


Scandinavian style may appear simple, but it’s not as simple to master it. Start with plain and minimalist furniture and complement it with a basic colour scheme. With pops of lilac, peacock blue, or yellow, you can make your office space look fresh.

In simple scandi style, you have to make smart and multi-functional choices to have long-term effects. You can add a splash of colours within your wall display or floating frame if the office space looks too simple and toned down to you.


If the most of space on your desk is occupied, ensure that you’re making flexible use of your space. For instance, you should have a wheeled desk to move it near the light whenever you want. Besides, the base of the wheeled desk makes your workspace more flexible. On the other hand, you can also choose a double desk as the dining table.

A standing desk is also an excellent option to have a flexible workplace. Above all, a pouffe is a smart option. It can act as a bookshelf, footstool or a stool for your helper or friend.


Colourful accents will raise your spirits and motivate you to be more creative. Bold colours like yellow, bright green and purple can create a happy atmosphere in your home office.

A pinboard or piece of wall art may serve as motivation to work harder or be more artistic. Inspirational quotes written in the wall art help you stay motivated and energetic.

Some ideas to uplift your mood are:

  • Quotes to help calm you
  • Motivating quotes
  • Quotes to inspire creativity
  • Energizing quotes

The type of work you do decides the wall art you chose. For instance, you can select a blueprint of the home you designed first if you’re an architect. It’ll remind you of your achievement. Moreover, you would love the magical otherworldy scenes as an illustration if you’re a fantasy novelist. These aspiring illustrations will take you to another world.


Do you spend a lot of time in your home office while working? Well, some greenery can freshen your mood. First of all, analyze your space location and how you’re using it? If your office space is not near a window, greenery is a must to lighten your mood.

On the contrary, you need structured wall art to stay focus and motivated if your office space is already near a balcony.

You should remember your home office design should be the perfect blend of style and comfort. The design’ focus should be your motivation. Above all, it should truly reflect your personality. So, try to enhance your home office design with your creativity.

To personalize your spaces, choose a wide range of wall art at PrintRoy and design your office like a pro!

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