How to Use Text in Canvas Prints-3 Simple Ways

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Canvas prints and wall décor make people view with the eyes of their imagination. A picture tends to say all without words. The solid, expressive power of pictures makes us conscious in selecting the colour scheme and wall decoration of a room. No doubt, pictures are visually powerful; however, adding text to canvas prints allows you to express anything you want in the form of a statement.  

A clever combination with premium quality canvas prints is the perfect choice for your home décor. Interesting font shapes and sharp lines of the text can enhance the visual composition of your canvas prints. Besides, you can get a literary look at your room’s decoration. The text makes everything clear that your canvas artwork wants to say visually.

In this article, we’ll learn three different ways to use text in canvas prints. These designs use the inherent power of the written words to maximise your wall art’s visual effects.

Text on Canvas Prints: Wedding Vows

Styling your wedding photos can be challenging for you, and you might’ve spent a lot of time discussing it. A wedding is a ceremony where you start a new life with your partner. You make some vows to make the foundation of your marriage strong. Remind yourself of those vows by inserting them into your wedding photos. To create impact, just one to two sentences from your vows are enough.

Follow the following tips to have text-enriches wedding photos:

  • Use a soft background colour or image to have a fantastic wall art piece.
  • Pick one frame from our themed canvas collages. Add text at its centre and arrange your wedding photos around it. Thus, the word that made your marriage’s foundation are in the centre to attract everyone’s attention.

Text on Canvas prints: Birthday Newspaper Articles

The newspaper article is another excellent way to have meaningful canvas wall art. Let’s suppose it’s your child’s or spouse’s birthday; how can you use birthday newspaper articles then? Well, here’s a simple technique.

  • Pick the newspaper and find an interesting article published on that day. It will be excellent if you find the article relevant to the person whom birthday you’re going to celebrate. If the birthday announcement of that person is published in the newspaper, it would be even better.
  • Scan that article
  • Apply the ageing techniques to make the article more beautiful. For example, if you want your art to look ancient, add some parchment or yellow filters or add some stains.
  • The date of article publication should be there.

Text on Canvas Prints: The Word Cloud

The “word cloud” is the simplest and most elegant way to create text-based art. You might be wondering what the Word cloud is. Well, it involves grouping words into some basic shapes such as a sphere or any other you like. Basically, it’s a combination of both large and small words.

In a word cloud, you can select any words that complement your beliefs and philosophy. Consequently, you will get a long-lasting piece of art for your walls. You can make it personal and unique by inserting your creativity into it.

Surprisingly, it’s not difficult to create a word cloud. A number of online tools are available which can help you to design your own word cloud within seconds. Just select a simple template and upload your canvas design and text into it.

Do you find the idea to bring words into art exciting? If yes, just tell us the word that you want to express through your art. We’ll turn your precious words into your dream wall art.

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