The Best Photo Print Sizes: 29 Options For The Home

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Imagine a series of images hanging behind the bedroom couch? Let it be a square canvas print or a rectangular scenery; these photos can add colors to your life. Especially the custom sizing options that make it easy for you to select your desired canvas prints.

Before converting your digital photos to beautiful pieces of prints, consider the shape and size of the frame. You can use the photo frames on the wall or gift them to your beloved ones. But the size matters a lot.

This article gives you a detailed guide on the photo print size options one can opt for home decor.

Standard Photo Print Sizes

There are so many options for photo print sizes. Some of you like to mount the wall art in the house, while others might use these options for offices. More ways to add beautiful photo prints to the decoration include tabletop decor, wall decor, scrapbook, photo box, use in the wallet (without frame), and photo album.

These options can be rectangular or square shapes that perfectly fit your interior or walls. The 13 most commonly used sizes are available online. Rather than roaming in the gift shops or spending the whole day to find the right size for your bedroom, order from our website and enjoy the effortless buying experience. We bring you the ease of ordering your photo prints from mobile phones or computers. Furthermore, our deliveries are prompt.

Take a look at the standard photo print sizes we offer to our customers.





Wallet (4)









The best thing about standard photo sizes that adds ease to the photo printing process is that you can use your home or office printer to get the outputs. But if you need a bulk photo printing facility, you can place an order online and get high-quality photos by paying a low price. Following are some of the commonly used photo print sizes:

4×6: The approximate measurements of a 4×6 print are 4″ x 5 ⅞”. This print size is regularly used in the photofinishing business. It follows the aspect ratio of many digital camera viewfinders. These photo print sizes are ideally used in cards and framed photos. If you want a physical backup of your camera photos, a 4×6 print is for you.

5×7: 5×7 print is marginally bigger than the standard print size (4×6). An important thing about this size is that the aspect ratio of a 5×7 print is higher than the 4×6 size, so you might have to crop the image to and centralize the focal point. Fortunately, our latest techniques allow customers to crop their photos online and manually control which part of the photo should be cut out.

8×10: An 8×10 picture is the biggest print size accessible before getting into bigger print size options. Canvases of custom dimensions, square photos, large matted prints, posters, and sceneries include large-scale printing. If you plan to present an amazing gift for the upcoming holiday season, 8×10 photos are an ideal option. Note: This print size does not require any extra matting for frame-filling.

Square Photo Print Sizes

If you have a taste for square photos, we have got them covered too. Small images add more value to your home by intensifying and ornamenting the walls. Think about Polaroid-style images or getting your social media images printed! Don’t worry; you won’t require any special camera or digital equipment to get a fantastic square photo print.

These sizes are not available in every market or gift shop, but we offer a wide range of square photo prints. The most famous ones are:







Many people wish to get their Instagram photos printed. Using our platform, you can easily convert the square moments into fine and high-quality photo prints and enjoy seeing them for the rest of the life. Perfect for gifts and other occasions, you can add spark to your square images with just a few clicks!

Large Photo Print Sizes

Another photo print renowned among the DIYers and art lovers the large photo print size. If you want your wall to stand out by installing a spectacular adornment, look no further. We present rectangular photo prints of bigger sizes to meet the requirements of our clients. You can employ these sizes in landscape pictures or portraits.

Gone are the days when people had to compromise on image quality. With our large photo print sizes, you can enjoy HD pictures with the same or enhanced quality as your digital devices.

Choose from your favorite family or wedding photos and experience the same feeling with better image quality. The sizes available are:








You might be wondering about the use of this size! Well, you can make posters to be displayed on the central wall, or make a large-sized canvas where you can get your best memories printed. The regular frame sizes are 12×18, 14×22, 16×20, and 20×30, and almost every large-scale photo print fits this frame size.

A quick tip: Ensure that your print is somewhat smaller than the selected frame size. Also, employing a matted insert between the frame and the image gives it a realistic look.

You will clearly notice a short white-colored border on your photo, and your personal photo print will match the frame size. If you need this facility, browse through our matted print options. You will be amazed to see the final product.

Panoramic Print Sizes

Panoramic prints are an amazing addition to your home decor, particularly for a non-traditional showcase. We deal in both portrait and landscape orientations of panoramic prints. Whether you choose a family picture or a landscape image, the panoramic prints grab the viewers’ attention and allows them to see the photo in detail. If you wish to print the wider angles, you can trust our panoramic prints. And you know what? No fear of dropping down the image quality.

We present an assortment of layouts and backgrounds so that our clients can get any size of photo printed like:




Other Types Of Prints

Do you have different printing requirements? Are you finding it hard to use the already discussed photo prints? If yes, we have substitute choice for our clients:

Art Prints (Metallic prints vs. premium cardstock):

Ever heard of acid-free archival paper? We use it for printing art prints with excessive use of external materials. We use a pearl shimmer finish or trademark cardstock and a matte finish to create unique photo prints. For an artistic and enhanced look, we add a frame or utilize metallic prints. Art Prints can accommodate two sizes; 8X10 inches or 11X14 inches.

Collage vs. premium poster prints:

If you have multiple images to be displayed on the main wall, try the poster format. These posters add life to simple yet enlarged photos. With archival quality photo paper, posters are printed and later finished with a shiny coating or matte.

What Is A Photo Print?

Image can have two copies, a digital copy in your phone or laptop and a photo print that is printed on paper. The photo paper used to manage the physical versions of the images is usually Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This paper preserves the prints for a long time without changing their quality.

We provide you the facility to order photo prints of your desired shape and size. Leave the shipment to our qualified staff. If you still have any queries about creating these fantastic-looking photo prints, read the remaining article.

How Do I Order A High-Quality Print?

So I have to buy a photo print for my wife. But I am not sure where to start? How do I proceed?

Let us help you through the ordering process. Here is a detailed guide for first-time clients. You may follow these steps to avoid any hassle.

1. Upload Your Photos

After you have logged into your account, the first step is to select and upload the pictures. If you think you have plenty of graphics to be printed, upload all of them. Unlike other companies, we provide unlimited storage of safe photos and will remain in your account’s upload section.

2. Edit Your Photos

Editing is something we all do to our personal photos. Bring essential changes to your images using our free to use, photo editing software. You can crop, rotate, resize, add borders, colorful backgrounds, and do many other things before finalizing the photo to get printed.

3. Select The Best Layout, Type, And Size Of The Image

This is the moment when you pick the print size for your photo. It can be a collage poster, an art print, or any other size. After that, select the layout that perfectly fits the design or style of your photo print.

Then simply drag the intended pictures to the photo boxes and wait for the results. We use Fuji Crystal Archive professional-grade paper for high-quality printing prints.

4. Add-Ons

Well, the add-on feature is an additional feature that takes your photo prints to another level. Using our free back printing facility, you can add a name, date, or any other text that makes the print neat and polished. Take a look at the signature matte, pearl, or glossy finishing. You can locate the ‘add-on’ feature at the bottom of your project.

5. Review And Order

Almost finished the project, and it’s time to take a quick look at what you have done so far. Things to re-consider are the image quality, typographical errors, cropping, resizing, or even red-eye. If everything is good, you can place your order. Select your preferred delivery method and wait for our experienced team to leave the parcel at your doorstep.

Best Of Luck!

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